SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP has finally delivered the cloud analytics and planning solution. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) provides advanced analytics as a subscription service. The planning solution is SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning. The planning solution is has two versions Standard and Professional. Professional version has model and other administration features. For your planning application you will need at least one professional licence.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for Planning is available as public and private edition. The private edition has its own HANA instance.

What is the Typical Implementation Cost?

SAP has planning apps from partners which can fit your needs. Majority of the costs of a typical SAP BPC implementation are from installation, modelling, data integration and reporting needs. In SAC implementation, modelling and reporting are main tasks – costs are significantly lower than SAP BPC implementations. SAC has many connector to connect SAP products, your data integration invests are also lower.

Budget, forecast, and analyze

Simplify Planning and Analysis with one simple cloud solution. Leverage collaborative enterprise planning processes
to make the best end-to-end plan for your business.


Strategize and act in the moment

Analyze, plan, and predict in one application to save time and increase organizational agility. SAP Analytics Cloud is your single source of truth, reducing errors and the time between insight and action.


Visualize the impact of your decisions

Run “what-if” scenarios with the value driver tree to connect the different areas of your business and see the full financial picture. Interact with your data; adjust numbers into percentages and drill down for further detail to help plan your next move.


Quick and effective planning

Run faster with features to help you streamline reporting and data entry. Create and adjust plans by percentages, shortcut scaling characters to simplify input, see automatic highlights of imaged and related cells, and so much more. Develop plans efficiently so you can focus on strategic planning.


It’s better working together

Improve performance and accountability with built-in team collaboration. Create discussions in context to crowdsource plans and budgets across the business and improve accuracy and alignment. Interact on screen, on the road, or at home to keep the conversation going.